What Documents to Send Us for Your Individual Tax Return Preparation

What Documents to Send Us for Your Individual Tax Return Preparation

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is “what information do you need from me to do my taxes?” The short answer is, it depends on your individual situation and what you had going on throughout the year.  Your individual tax documents can even vary from year to year depending on if, let’s say, you bought or sold a home, or sent a child off to college.

One of the easiest ways to help determine what tax forms or information may pertain to you is to complete your individual tax organizer each year.

Your individual tax organizer will typically be ready by mid-January of each year, and you will receive your electronic individual tax organizer in your email.  A pdf version of your individual tax organizer will also be available in your SmartVault.  In your organizer, you will have access to data that we used to prepare your tax return for the prior year, if you are a returning client.  If you are a first-year client, we have a blank individual tax organizer that we can send you that will walk you through specific questions that will help you know what we may need from you.

Here you can see a list of common tax forms that may pertain to your individual tax situation.  You will not receive all tax forms listed here, but this list can be a guide to help you determine what types of tax forms or tax information may apply to your individual situation.

Once you have gathered all your tax forms and documents that you have received along with other information you think we may need, please send them to us by uploading them to your SmartVault. You can access your SmartVault by clicking on the Client Portal in the top right hand of this screen.

  • General Information

    Did you have any change to your contact information?
    Did you have a change in your dependents?
    Do you have new bank account information?
    Did you make estimated payments to the IRS and/or state?
    Do you have foreign accounts?

  • Did You Receive Income?

    1099-NEC (non-employee compensation)
    1099-MISC (miscellaneous income such as rent and royalties)
    W-2s (wages received)
    1099-INT (interest received)
    1099-DIV (dividends and distributions)
    1099-B (proceeds from sale of stocks and bonds)
    1099-G (unemployment compensation)
    1099-C (cancelation of debt)
    1099-S (sale of real estate)
    Real Estate Closing Statements

  • Did You Receive Retirement Income?

    1099-R (distribution of retirement benefits)
    SSA-1099 (Social Security)
    IRA Contribution Information
    Roth IRA Information

  • Did You Have Education Expenses?

    1098-T (tuition statement)
    1099-E (student loan interest)
    1099-Q (distributions from 529 plan)
    Education Expenses
    Tuition Program Payments

  • Did You Have a Rental Property?

    Rent Income and Expense Detail
    Property Management Statement
    1099-MISC with Rental Income
    Fixed Asset Info/Prior Depreciation Schedule

  • Did You Pay Tax or Interest?

    Medical Expenses
    Vehicle Registration Taxes
    Real Estate Taxes
    Personal Property Taxes
    Mortagage Interest (Form 1098)
    Refinance of Home Mortgage
    Investment Interest
    Charitable Donations
    Gambling Losses

  • Did You Have Health Coverage or a Health Savings Account?


  • Did You Have a Business That is Filed as a Schedule C with Your Individual Tax Return?

    Profit & Loss Statement
    Mileage Information
    Fixed Asset Info/Prior Depreciation Schedule

  • Did You Have a Farm That is Filed as a Schedule F with Your Individual Tax Return?

    Farm Income and Expense Detail
    1099-MISC with Farm Income
    Fixed Asset Info/Prior Depreciation Schedule

  • Did You Have a Partnership and/or Shareholder Interest in a Business?

    K-1 (partner’s share of income, deductions, credits)

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